Anita Fiouris

Anita-Doll-Fiouris-Blueprint-Academy-online-training-pubic-speaker-speaking-keynote-Innovative-Online-solutions-social-media-marketing-small-business-nonprofit-grwoth Anita Fiouris
Founder of Innovative Online Solutions,

and Blueprint Academy


Anita Fiouris, speaker, author, and entrepreneur is the one to know if you are trying to figure out how to use online marketing and social media to reach a wider audience and leverage new growth for your company. With more than 25 years’ experience in small business development, Anita works closely with her clients to make sure that anyone – from the most technically challenged, to the most technically savvy – regardless of industry, can learn how to build a following and authentically connect with their intended audience. She has an uncanny knack of setting up efficient, effective and sustainable systems to simplify seemingly complicated business scenarios.


A stellar trainer, a gifted motivational speaker, Anita uses her formal sales / managerial training with companies such as State Farm Insurance, Northwestern Mutual, and Wachovia Bank. She has led online courses, and has personally coached / consulted hundreds of individuals and businesses to hit their goals, whatever those may be. One of the most repeated praises is that Anita keeps her audience engaged and interested no matter what the venue or how dry the topic.