Talk is Cheap, but Words Can Cost You!

Talk is Cheap, But Words Can Cost You Discover 3 secrets of the experts! You have already heard that when online, Content Is King! Relevant, compelling content is vital to your online success.  One huge online rule is to use content that your intended audience find valuable thus attract them to your site, you and […]

How to recognize a fake Facebook email leading to a login page

Everyone either has been hacked on Facebook or knows someone who has.  Most of us are familiar with the “groups” and various ways to recognize bad links within Facebook now.  However, there are still so many who don’t recognize fake emails that lead to a login page. Hackers have raised their skill level to create […]

How the Massive Changes to Facebook Impact You

As we predicted after the timeline change – just over 1 year ago,, which followed the constant and exhausting changes of 2010 and 2011 – it has been a while since massive design changes have been made to Facebook.  We should have seen this next round of changes coming.  After all, we do share things differently than we […]

Time saving tips on Robo-Posting and Content Sharing

This week’s Forum at the Blueprint Academy:On this week’s Forum here at the Blueprint Academy, Melissa asks questions from our message board about finding the balance between avoidance of “robo-posting”; limiting time on social media platforms (like Facebook) and consistently offering relevant, interesting content to others. (Click here to listen in)

Why Mobile Video Matters to Small Organizations That Want to Grow

Why Mobile Video Matters to Small Organizations That Want to Grow Other than having faster access to things online, why would someone running a small organization care about 4G for mobile devices like cell phones and notebooks (like iPads)? Let me say it in 2 words – Prospective Audience. That was the short answer, here […]