Small Business

Successfully Building a Business Means No Personal Life. Truth or Myth?

Most of us know that to build a business the entrepreneur must devote 18 hour days, 7 days a week and ignore health, family, friends, lets face it – give up having a life outside of the start up.  Right? Well, not neccesarily says Michelle Goodman and the many entreprenuers (‘treps) she interviewed.  Ms. Goodman  […]

Stuck in Information Overload – or Not Even Starting?!

A recent article by Elliot Marrow on lists and reviews 5 useful tools to help those frustrated with information overload – especially with Social Media.  These applications also take away the “non-starter” excuse that engaging online ( and that includes social media) will take up too much time.  I not only agree with Elliot Marrow’s point […]

Top 5 Money Mistakes of New Organizations (Business or Non-Profit)

We all know that the statistics of the number of start-ups that don’t make it past the first 2-3 years. Marla Tabaka a contributor to Inc Magazine recently discussed “5 Biggest Money Mistakes of Rookie Entrepreneurs”. It provided such great information for not only small business owners but also those forming (or running) small non-profit […]

Little Known Productivity Tools of Google+ that Benefit Micro-Organizations

  Little Known Productivity Tools of Google+ that Benefit Micro-Organizations Yardene Arar in a recent article laid out several easy ways to take advantage of Google+ to run your business while boosting your productivity.  And here’s the best part – they are free AND don’t have anything to do with Google Ads! These are […]

How the Massive Changes to Facebook Impact You

As we predicted after the timeline change – just over 1 year ago,, which followed the constant and exhausting changes of 2010 and 2011 – it has been a while since massive design changes have been made to Facebook.  We should have seen this next round of changes coming.  After all, we do share things differently than we […]